Michael Thompson


"Soldiers Joy"  Banjo-Man

Lake Anna Virginia circa 1998

Michael with RB-250 in 1973

Michael with Tony Williamson Live at the Herbfest at Duke Homestead

"Sound" Check at Emily (Ric Carters daughter) and Megan's wedding on the Albemarle Sound Roanoke Island

The Delta Queen Steamboat Company:  circa 1990

PaddleWheel Kings: Michael with Steve Spracklen

The Tony Williamson Trio:

  Winter Wonderland Cd.

Mike T and Buddy down in the swamp at Lander's


Jake, Diamond & Martin

Michael T in the "Zone" at The Woodside Inn Bicycle Rally Brunch in 1999

Rad Andy & the "Maestro" Tony Williamson at Mandolin Central

Jake and The Sleepy Gypsy

Dr. of Ragtime Steve Spracklen at the Calliope

Brother-n-Law Jess Hot on the Wash-Tub

"Juggler" / Halloween 1990 on the Riverboat

Back in New Orleans

Michael at Ric Carter's Kirby Gallery Reception

Dinner Music / Grand Dining Room on the MQ

"Up a Lazy River" - Dixie Blue's at the Kirby Theater

"Men at Work"  Michael &  Paul Roberts

Diamond with 1907 Martin in Oriental, NC

MT on Banjo in the PaddleWheel Lounge